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The Z Medic Air device uses our patent protected groundbreaking technology for relieving and dealing with various diseases and syndromes: COPD, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, anemia and other conditions leading to fatigue.
All through triple action: cleansing, disinfecting and enriching the air with singlet oxygen.
Breathing singlet oxygen enriched air boosts the body's natural defense and repair mechanisms, leading in part to improving cognitive abilities.

Groundbreaking Technology - Our patent
protected technology enables efficient enrichment of singlet oxygen in a healthy way

Multifunction Purifier - Our technology is
combined with a purifier to create a much healthier and cleaner air for you

Silent - Highly efficient and quiet motor

6 Stages of High
Efficiency Filter
Removes Odors,
Pollen, Smoke,
Bacteria & Mold
99.97 Percent Hepa Filtration Cleans
Pollutants In the Air
Eliminates Formaldehyde,
Benzene, Ammonia
and Other TVOCs
Removes Dust,
Freshens Air
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